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Effect of Pheromones, Plant Volatiles and Spinosad on Mating, Male Attraction and Burrowing of Cadra cautella (Walk.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).

Publication Date Nov 28, 2020


Mating disruption of Cadra cautella (Walk.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) using its sex pheromone components, (Z, E)-9,12-tetradecadienyl acetate (ZETA) and (Z)-9-tetradecadien-1-yl acetate (ZTA), is successful in its population management. In addition, botanical oils have extensively been investigated in stored product pest management, but the effect of synthetic sex pheromones on the mating of C. cautella in the presence of plant volatiles is still unknown. Spinosad is used in food facilities as a contact insecticide but, if C. cautella larvae burrow into food, they may escape from spinosad. Importantly, the impact of spinosad on burrowing ability of C. cautella remains unknown. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to determine the effects of sex pheromone components ZETA and ZTA in the presence of botanical oils on the mating of C. cautella and the burrowing ability of C. cautella larvae in different types of flour treated with spinosad. In the first study, male and female moths were introduced into the cubicle having botanical oils and pheromone components. The mating status of female moths and male moth attraction to the trap was determined. The control experiments had only the botanical oils or pheromones. In the second study, burrowing ability of C. cautella larvae through different flour types was evaluated over 10 d. The flour was sprayed with spinosad (treatments) or water (controls). The mating success was higher with botanical oils alone but declined with exposure to pheromone either alone or combined with bot...

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