Botany Letters | VOL. 164

Contribution to the flora of Asian and European countries: new national and regional vascular plant records, 6

Publication Date Jan 2, 2017


The paper presents new records for 28 vascular plant species from 14 Eurasian countries. Five taxa (Catabrosa capusii, Poa albertii, Poa intricata, Poa pseudoaltaica, Poa sergievskajae) are reported from Kazakhstan, three (Ranunculus pseudomonophyllus, Ranunculus smirnovii, Ranunculus turczaninovii) from Mongolia, three (Panicum barbipulvinatum, Stipa eriocaulis, Tragopogon pratensis subsp. minor) from Poland, three (Euphorbia subtilis, Corydalis grubovii, Thymus callieri) from Russia, two (Atriplex ornata, Corispermum dutreuilii) from Afghanistan, two (Orobanche grenieri, Ranunculus mongolicus) from Kyrgyzstan, two (Erigeron annuus, Sternbergia lutea) from Tajikistan, two (Orobanche baumanniorum, Orobanche kotschyi) from Turkey, one (Polygonum subaphyllum) from China, one (Orobanche bartlingii) from Georgia, one (Rubus slavonicus) from Germany, one (Cenchrus spinifex) from Montenegro, one (Rubus canadensis) from Slovenia and one (Bolboschoenus yagara) from Switzerland. For each species, synonyms, general distribution, habitat preferences, taxonomy with remarks on recognition and differentiation of the species from the most similar taxa occurring in a given country as well as a list of recorded localities (often far from the previously known areas) are presented.


Habitat Preferences General Distribution Vascular Plant European Countries National Plant Asian Countries Eurasian Countries Vascular Plant Species Plant Species

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