With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of the interior environment have changed. In modern society, people think that the interior environment should have creativity and artistry. The interior design has always been an important part of the decoration. Hence, how to design the interior space with artistry instead of normal is key element to designers for a long time. Based on above-mentioned background, this article briefly discusses the connotative meaning of creative design of interior space circumstance, analyzes several methods of creative design and studies differentiated creative design in different interior space. Meanwhile, it also discusses application of creative design from two aspects of interior furnishing and space planning. All these activities aim at optimize design of space environment and make the idea into design. Interior design is a reconstruction activity for the purpose of comfortable living and using function, of which the main object is building structure through scientific planning and related facilities as auxiliary materials as well as study of natural environment and historic culture. The interior design generally starts aesthetic as point for interior furnishings, interior space transformation. However, traditional interior design has been unable to meet the requirements of the people on interior space. In modern society, artistic style can be fully reflected through more elegant, comfortable and high utilization of space environment which could be designed by various design methods and ideas. Good ideas can make the design results fully reflect the characteristics of the interior environment during interior space design, while based on user requirements will be designed to be more humanized. The interior environment can bring the user to certain spacial scale that can help them to find soul of the environment to some extent. Space design has become one of the main aspects of the design under the increasing demands on indoor environment by people. Without creativity there would be no development, which refers to creative design is the power of designers' long-term study and practice. For these reasons, the article puts forward some direction for reasonable creative design of environmental art with interior space design as the main line and creative design as standard.

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