Objective To observe the effect and influencing factors of Balloon tube dilatation combined with lacrimal duct intubation in treatment of children refractory lacrimal duct obstruction. Methods From September 2013 to September 2015, under local anesthesia of 68 cases (72 eyes) with recurrent lacrimal duct obstruction were treated to probe type balloon catheter dilatation combined with lacrimal duct intubation.Follow up time was 3 to 18 months after operation. Results In 68 cases (72 eyes), 63 eyes were cured, the total cure rate was 87.50% (63/72), 9 eyes were improved, the total effective rate was 100% (72/72).Age group: in 12 months≤~<24 months, 24 months≤~<36 months, ≥36 months of age groups, the cure rate followed by 96.15% (25/26), 89.29% (25/28), 72.22% (13/18)(R=-0.86,P=0.0016), the cure rate was exhibited a decreasing trend along with the increase of age.Preoperative by different methods in the treatment group: for probing of lacrimal passage after failure,simple lacrimal duct intubation and balloon dilation after failure of three groups cure rate were 97.37%(37/38), 75.00%(12/16), 77.78%(14/18).The lacrimal surgery failure group and simple lacrimal duct intubation after failure group χ2 test,the difference was statistically significant(χ2=6.705,P <0.05);The lacrimal surgery failure group and balloon dilatation tube failure group χ2 test, the difference was statistically significant(χ2=5.765,P <0.05). Conclusions Balloon catheter dilatation combined with lacrimal intubation in the treatment of children refractory lacrimal duct obstruction is a convenient, safe and effective new surgical method for treatment in children with refractory lacrimal duct obstruction, curative effect is good. Key words: Children; Lacrimal duct obstruction; Lacrimal duct intubation; Balloon tube dilatation

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