The concept of periodic boundary conditions (PBCs) is immensely significant in treating an ideal lattice of infinite extent as a finite lattice. An explicit usage of PBCs is often found missing in undergraduate texts on analytical treatment of lattice dynamics. The aim of the present work is to cover this gap by illustrating the application of Born-von Karman PBCs in lattice dynamical calculations using a computational approach. The equations of motion are set up for a linear diatomic lattice with a basis, using the nearest neighbour approximation. The solution is obtained by implementing fourth order Runge-Kutta algorithm in python. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) technique is then used to obtain the phonon frequency spectrum corresponding to the computed solutions. Similar computations are extended to obtain the phonon spectrum for monatomic square and honeycomb lattices under the second nearest neighbour approximation. The computed results are validated against the analytical ones in each case. The target group of the present work are the students and educators at the undergraduate level.

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