The present study aims to re-assess offshore wind resources and analyse the wind climate along the Indian coast using the latest ERA5 near-hub-height wind products. Further, proposed an index to identify the hotspots for offshore wind farm (OWF) establishment. The effect of air density variation is considered while estimating wind power density (WPD) and actual power generation with the two latest wind turbines. Results show that maximum wind speed (7–10 m/s) and WPD (500–650 W/m2) are along the southern coast. The peak frequency of exploitable wind energy (>60%) is observed along the Tamil Nadu coast. Further, it is observed that consideration of standard air density overestimates the WPD with 5–7.5%, and wind turbines power output (2.5–5.1%) than actual air density. The suggested hotspots for OWFs have the potential of generating 1.84–3.96 GWh/year with a V164/9500 wind turbine. The methodology presented in this study will aid decision-makers in rapidly identifying and characterising OWF sites for the Indian coast and other regions.

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