Purpose The eco-friendly approach has become an active component of sustainable strategy for both academia and industry. The concept of green SCM is relevant as it integrates ecological wisdom of any organization with organizational supply chain actions. Methodology A pilot survey was done through framed questionnaire, and from value chain analysis, we have developed a model for sustainable strategy. The data was collected and analyzed to identify the major components of sustainability. The valid data was analyzed with the help of regression and correlation analysis. Findings: Basically, the rapid industrial expansion has led to greenhouse gas emissions; toxic pollutants those as a whole reflect declined sustainable growth. So, this study suggests that green HR management can be taken as new initiative by providing training toward employees on how to adopt sustainability practices from the view point of customer and suppliers. Research implications Sustainable supply chain process has theoretical implication and practical significance as well to ensure overall sustainable development for any industry. This model suggests that management support is always required for implementing the sustainability strategy in the organization. This novel business model guides the managers for implementing sustainable supply chain management practices in the organization.

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