Frontiers in Nutrition | VOL. 8

A Brief Journey into the History of and Future Sources and Uses of Fatty Acids

Publication Date Jul 20, 2021


Fats and lipids have always had a primary role in the history of humankind, from ancient civilisations to the modern and contemporary time, going from domestic and cosmetic uses, to the first medical applications and later to the large-scale industrial uses for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and biofuel production. Sources and uses of those have changed during time following the development of chemical sciences and industrial technological advances. Plants, fish, and animal fats have represented the primary source of lipids and fats for century. Nowadays, the use of fatty acid sources has taken a turn: industries are mainly interested in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which have beneficial properties in human health; and also, for high-value fatty acids product for innovative and green production of biofuel and feedstocks. Thus, the constant increase in demand of fatty acids, the fact that marine and vegetable sources are not adequate to meet the high level of fatty acids required worldwide and climate change, have determined the necessity of the search for renewable and sustainable sources for fatty acids. Biotechnological advances and bioengineering have started looking at the genetic modification of algae, bacteria, yeasts, seeds, and plants to develop cell factory able to produce high value fatty acid products in a renewable and sustainable manner. This innovative approach applied to FA industry is a peculiar example of how biotechnology can serve as a powerful mean to drive the production of high value fatty aci...


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