In this contribution, gas turbine cycles (GTCs) for power production processes and applications are introduced with details ranging from basics to advanced topics along with the key concepts. Both open and closed type Brayton cycles are specifically described with fundamental and conceptual background information. The thermodynamic analyses and performance assessments are conducted through energy and exergy approaches under three different working fluid cases, namely stoichiometric standard air, actual air, and actual air–fuel mixture. Both energy and exergy assessments of three models are presented, and a comprehensive comparison is conducted to highlight the importance of exergy and show how it helps better design, analyze, evaluate, and improve the GTCs. The historical and technological evolutions of gas turbine systems are presented while the recent technologies are briefly explained. Furthermore, sample problems and case studies are included to illustrate how to perform the key analysis and performance assessment studies of the considered cycles and investigate what operating parameters and conditions affect their performances and hence efficiencies.

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