Diabetes mellitus (DM) and prediabetes incidence have increased in the U.S. in recent years. In our center we have observed higher prevalence of diabetes/prediabetes in NYC Chinese-Americans than the general population. Diabetes patients are often associated with cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease (CKD). Aim: To determine the relationship between diabetes status and CKD status in NYC Chinese population compared to the general population so that proper medical management can be achieved. Method: Using A1C test to determine the diabetes status, with A1C value of <5.7 classified as nondiabetics, 5.7-6.4 as prediabetics and >6.5 as diabetics. Estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) were determined and values <60 mL/min/1.73 m2 were regarded as having CKD. The data of 274,784 NYC Chinese and 1,271,642 non-Chinese were reviewed and compared in 18-64 years and ≥65 years groups. Results: In both populations the A1C levels tended to increase with increasing age, whereas their mean eGFR tended to decrease with age. The CKD prevalence was 8.9% in Chinese and 9.5% in non-Chinese. In 18-64 years groups CKD was 2.4% in Chinese and 2.7% in non-Chinese, whereas in ≥65 years group they were 29% in Chinese and 25.6% in non-Chinese. When A1C and eGFR were reviewed together, CKD prevalence was 3.1% of nondiabetics, 10.3% of prediabetics, 22.6% of A1C 6.5-6.9 DM, 24.1% of A1C 7.0-8.0 DM, 29.6% of A1C 8.1-8.9 DM and 27.6% of A1C >9.0 in Chinese population. In non-Chinese population, the CKD prevalence was 5.3%, 13.2%, 21.1%, 23.5%, 23.8%, and 18.6%, respectively for the corresponding nondiabetics, prediabetics and various DM subgroups. Conclusion: Significant prevalence of CKD were found in prediabetics of NYC Chinese and general populations. There is a high prevalence of CKD associated with diabetes mellitus in both populations. Prevalence of CKD in NYC Chinese is higher than the general population, particularly in the ≥65 years group and those having severer DM with A1C >8.0. Disclosure T. Chang: None. G. Liu: None. J.D. George: None. J.W. Sharp: None. A. Hu: None.

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