Advances in Environmental Protection | VOL. 03

基于能源利用的湖北省碳足迹分析<br>Analysis of Carbon Footprint Based on Energy Utilization in Hubei Province

Publication Date Jan 1, 2013


本文对基于能源利用的湖北省碳足迹进行了定性与定量相结合的分析,得出以下结论:1) 湖北省的碳排放量呈逐年增加的态势。煤炭的碳排放量所占的比重最大,石油所占比重次之,天然气的碳排放量是三种主要的化石能源中所占比例最小的,而生物质能利用中所产生的碳排放比重呈波动下降趋势。2) 湖北省能源利用的总碳足迹呈现波动上升的趋势,2010年达到0.243 hm2/人,比1990年增加0.149 hm2/人。碳足迹密度增长速度很快,到2010年已达566.20 t/km2,是1990年的将近3倍。3) 单位能源利用碳足迹所创造的经济价值不断增加的同时,能源利用碳足迹强度即单位GDP的能耗也在不断下降,能源利用的效益不断提高。4) 碳足迹生态压力计算结果表明,经济的快速发展对自然生态系统造成的压力在不断增大。5) 湖北省各地区间的碳足迹差异很明显,2005年至2010年各个地区的碳足迹均在增大,随着湖北省经济的快速发展,各大区域的碳足迹还将进一步增大。在各个地区中无论是碳排放量还是碳足迹都是武汉市最大。 This paper analyzes carbon footprint based on energy utilization in Hubei Province adopting both qualitative and quantitative methods, and draws the following conclusions: 1) The carbon emissions showed a tendency to increase year by year in Hubei Province. The carbon emissions of coal occupied the largest proportion, followed by oil, with natural gas bringing up the rear in the three main fossil fuels, while the proportion of carbon emissions generated by biomass energy utilization presented a fluctuating downward trend. 2) The carbon footprint of Hubei’s total energy use appeared a rising trend in fluctuation, accounting for 0.243 hm2/cap in 2010, with 0.149 hm2/cap more than that of 1990. The carbon footprint density was growing rapidly, which had reached 566.20 t/km2 in 2010, almost three times of the amount in 1990. 3) While the economic value created by carbon footprint per unit energy utilization had been growing unceasingly, intensity of carbon footprint on energy use, namely energy consumption per unit GDP, had been declining constantly. That is, the benefits of energy use h...


Carbon Footprint Hubei Province Benefits Of Energy Use Energy Use Carbon Emissions Trend In Fluctuation Total Energy Use Energy Utilization Unit GDP Rising Trend

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