The article considers the concept of isomorphism of the quality of the educational process and the quality of its result − the education/upbringing of the Student's personality from the position of ecologization of his consciousness and behavior. The relevance of this approach has been confirmed by many researchers of the scientific school of noospherism. The purpose of the research presented in the article was to establish the relationship between the value-moral-spiritual characteristics of a person and such parameters of her moral and ecological consciousness as: the level of subjectivization of natural objects; the personal orientation of the motivation of the attitude to nature in the aggregate of cognitive, aesthetic, pragmatic-consumer (deficient) and spiritual-moral attitudes. The study was conducted using diagnostic methods of value-moral-spiritual orientations of the individual, subjectivization of the natural object, the dominant orientation of the individual in relation to nature, egocentric associations and correlation analysis (according to Pearson) of the individual results of the study obtained in the diagnosis. The subjects were 75 high school and first-year students. The authors revealed the dominant aesthetic and cognitive attitude of boys and girls to nature, the pragmatic-consumer attitude took the last place, which indicates good prospects for greening the educational process and achieving high quality moral and ecological education of Students in it.

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