Higher education in today’s economy plays an important and integral role in all aspects of social development. Its importance lies in the formation of highly qualified personnel, the development of innovations, the support of scientific research and the increase of the country’s competitiveness. Higher education provides an opportunity for students to acquire specialized knowledge and skills that they can be used in economics. Qualified graduates contribute to increased labor productivity and the creation of innovative products and services, which fosters economic growth. In addition, universities are important centers of scientific research that produce new knowledge and technologies that affect the development of the economy. They contribute to the commercialization of innovation and the creation of startups. Overall, higher education is a key to creating a knowledge-based economy that is becoming dominant in the modern era. Therefore, investment in higher education should be considered as a strategic step for sustainable economic development and improving the quality of life of citizens. Improving the quality of higher education is a necessary and urgent task in the modern world for a number of key reasons. High-quality higher education forms a highly skilled workforce that meets the needs of the labor market. Changes in the economy and technology require new skills and knowledge, and only higher education can ensure their acquisition. Higher education stimulates research and innovation, which supports a country’s economic development and competitiveness in a global context. Higher education also contributes to the development of critical thinking, creativity and civic engagement, being important aspects of the formation of civil society and democratic governance. Quality education increases the level of social equality by providing equal educational opportunities for different social groups. All these aspects verify the importance and necessity of improving the quality of higher education as a pivotal factor for the development of society, increasing the efficiency of the economy and preparing citizens for the challenges of the modern world. Improving the quality of higher education is important for ensuring competitiveness, developing innovations, supporting research and preparing citizens for global challenges, ensuring the sustainability of society’s development.

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