International Journal of Advanced Studies | VOL. 10


Publication Date Mar 16, 2020


It is frequently believed that electric cars are an important means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in global transport, especially for passenger automobile transport. The purpose of this paper is to study the relative energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions of electric vehicles compared to cars with an internal combustion engine. A comparison of energy efficiency as well as a comparison of greenhouse gas emissions were used as methods in this paper. Energy efficiency comparisons are complicated by conflicting methods used for primary sources of electricity, such as hydro, solar, or wind. This paper reviews the extent to which electric cars can effectively address global climate change and fossil fuel depletion. Moreover, the paper proves that comparing electric vehicles and vehicles with an internal combustion engine is much more complicated than generally accepted. Uncertainties arise both when using primary energy and when calculating greenhouse gas emissions. In general, it must be concluded that the benefits of using electric vehicles for energy and greenhouse gases are less than usually expected. Only when renewable energy prevails in interconnected energy systems, it will be safe to claim the superiority of electric vehicles.

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Comparison Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Internal Combustion Engine
Comparison Of Energy Efficiency
Interconnected Energy Systems
Electric Cars
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Of Vehicles
Electric Vehicles
Relative Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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