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Publication Date Oct 23, 2019


One of the main problems of the integrated processing of sea, groundwater or mine water when receiving drinking water is their high salinity, as well as mineral and biological deposits in the pro-cesses of demineralization. Several methods for demineralization of water: evaporation, reagents, membranes (reverse osmosis), ion exchange, electrodialysis, etc. have been developed. Each of these methods has both positive and negative qualities and is used within certain concentration limits. New developments offer complex multistage mine water treatment schemes with concentrated brine processing. The reduction of CO32-, SO42-, Cl- ions from 25000 to 1000 mg/dm3 is the most sophisticated component of salt extraction technology. These processes are very time consuming and energy intensive. In addition, methods such as electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, sodium cationization are economically feasible to apply with mineralization of 1000-100 mg/dm3 and below. The urgent task is to create an apparatus for primary demineralization of highly mineralized mine water with minimization of energy costs. The method of unipolar electrochemical activation in the purification and desalination of water provides a short-term state of the aqueous solution, when the cathode and anode electrolysis process-es have changed its composition, and the processes of mutual neutralization of electrolysis products are artificially restrained by the presence of permeable membranes-partitions, which are temporarily electrodeparticles. At the cathode, a concentrati...


Reverse Osmosis Method Of Electrochemical Activation Mine Water Minimization Of Energy Costs Biofouling Of Membranes Pro-cesses Of Demineralization Cathode Space Desalination Of Water Chlorides Of Heavy Metals Chlorine Ion

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