Purpose The recent concern over environmental problems such as greenhouse gas emission and fine dust contributes increasing interest in renewable energies. However the intrinsic characteristics of renewable energies, intermittent and stochastic generation, might cause serious problems to the stability and controllability of power grid. Therefore countermeasures such as virtual power plant (VPP) must be prepared in advance of the spread of uncontrollable distributed renewable energy resources to be one of major energy sources. Design/methodology/approach This study deals with the design concept of the VPP platform. we proposed as a technology solution for achieving the stability of power grid by guaranteeing a single power profile combining multiple distributed power sources with ICT. The core characteristics of VPP should be able to participate in the grid operation by responding to operation instructions from the system operator, KPX, as well as the wholesale electricity market. Findings Therefore this study includes energy storage device(ESS) as a controllable component as well as renewable energy resources such as photovoltaic and wind power generation. Based on this configuration, we discussed core element technologies of VPP and protype design of VPP solution platform according to system requirements. In the proposed solution platform, UX design for the integrated control center and brokerage system were included as well as ancillary service function to respond to KPX’s operation instruction with utilizing the capability of ESS. In addition, a simulator was suggested to verify the VPP operations.

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