Agricultural engineering


Publication Date Jan 1, 2021


One of the most important tasks of animal husbandry is establishing and maintaining normalized microclimate parameters in closed livestock keeping houses: temperature, humidity, speed of air fl ows, illumination, gas composition of air, and suspended dust particles. Failure to comply with established zootechnical and veterinary-sanitary standards in a closed room, (other things being equal) can lead to a decrease in productivity, increased feed consumption per unit of production, the rapid development of pathogenic microbes, and the spread of infections. The design of an electric air ozonizer based on a corona discharge and an air ozonization system is proposed to ensure high-quality air disinfection in livestock keeping houses in accordance with sanitary standards. A distinctive novelty of the proposed design is the emitter module, made as a ceramic base, on which tungsten electrodes are fi xed in the form of a grid with a honeycomb cell. The advantages of the proposed design of an electric air ozonizer include the reliability of operation due to shutdown in case of an emergency, protection against overheating and critical concentration of ozone inside the room in one place due to a weather vane, ozone and temperature sensors, and a central control unit. The proposed design of the electric ozonation system will increase the effi ciency of disinfection and disinsection of air in industrial livestock buildings, and will also ensure a more uniform concentration of ozone throughout the room volume due to the location of ozoniz...

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Gas Composition Of Air
Suspended Dust Particles
Increased Feed Consumption
Central Control Unit
Emitter Module
Ozonation System
Honeycomb Cell
Sanitary Standards
Unit Of Production
Tungsten Electrodes

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