The objectives of this study were to investigate soil chemical characteristics for forest rehabilitation and suggest management in abandoned coal mine areas in Hwasun-gun, South Jeolla Province. Total study sites were 8 sites, and soil analysis particular were soil pH, TOC, total-N, C/N ratio, Avail. P2O5, and CEC. Average soil pH was 5.8 (4.7~6.4). Average contents of TOC, total-N and C/N ratio were 1.1% (0.2~2.0%), 0.08% (0.02~0.13%) and 15.0 (7.9~31.4), respectively. Average Avail. P2O5 was 8.3 mg kg -1 (2.7~15.0) and Average CEC was 13.7 cmolc ㎏ -1 (9.9~18.5 cmolc ㎏ -1 ). Soil pH was decreased according to elapsed time from forest rehabilitation, while TOC, total N and CEC were increased. Av. P2O5 did not show any relationship with elapsed time. Soil pH was stable comparing with general forest soil in South Jeolla Province (5.1), while contents of TOC and total N were lower than general forest soil in South Jeolla Province (4.9% and 0.18%, respectively). Therefore, sustainable managements such as fertilization for TOC and total N are necessary for good rooting and growth of vegetation.

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