Introduction. The current stage of globalization challenges is determined by the increasing importance of tourism and its impact on the world economy as well as on the national economies of countries. Tourism is explained by meeting the specific human needs associated with restoring health and improving productivity, and is provided not only by tourism companies but also by businesses in other industries. It is determined that tourism activity has a significant impact on natural resources, and eco-tourism is considered as a "trend" of the present, because it is associated with the formation of environmental consciousness, aimed at harmonization with nature and awareness of the need to preserve the environment. Therefore, integrated studies of the impact of tourism on the natural resources using and nature conservation must be considered in the light of the relationship between the environment, the economic complex and the population. The purpose of the publication is to determine the location, research trends and prospects for the development of eco-tourism. Results. The article explores the issues of the features and tendencies of the ecological tourism development. The analysis of tourism as an economic phenomenon and its influence on the region development is conducted. It has been proven that natural conditions and resources are a major part of the potential that determines tourism development opportunities. The definition of eco-tourism is presented and it is substantiated that this tourism is an integral component of sustainable development, leading to harmonization of ecological, socio-cultural and economic relations. The conditions of development of ecological tourism of the country and Odessa region and its prospects for growth are determined. Conclusions. The analysis of current trends indicates significant prospects for the growth and further development of eco-tourism. It can be predicted that the country can become one of the most attractive for the development of ecological tourism considering the significant tourist and recreational potential, the species biodiversity and the network components of nature conservation areas. Keywords: eco-tourism, natural conditions, sustainable development, nature conservation areas, recreational potential, ecosystem, nature reserve fund objects, natural complexes.

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