The liberalization of monetary relations has identified the problem of maintaining the level of economic standards for the banking sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in accordance with the requirements of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (Basel-3) and the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The aim of the research is to identify ways of stable development of commercial banks in Uzbekistan in the conditions of liberalization of monetary relations. The object of research is the process of stable development of commercial banks in Uzbekistan, as well as ways to improve the efficiency of the banking system as a whole. Research methods – logical, comparative, analytical, scientific and methodological. The hypothesis of the research is that ways to improve the effectiveness of public administration depend on the qualifications of managerial personnel and feedback from the local population. Statement of basic materials. The article considers the priority tasks of the banking sector of the republic, aimed at maintaining stability and stable development. As a priority measure to increase the stability of commercial banks in Uzbekistan, we propose intensifying efforts to attract foreign direct investment in the banking sector of the republic, including through an initial public offer (IPO) in the domestic market, or by placing depositary receipts of shares of commercial banks of the republic in foreign countries stock exchanges. Originality and practical significance of the research. The choice of a model of government in the economy is inevitably associated with geopolitical priorities and ideas about the country's place in the modern world. This means that governance institutions are also influenced by the assessment of governance effectiveness and political factors, which in turn are divided into domestic political ones – this is the support of the idea of state independence by the population. The findings of the research. All proposed measures in the banking system should ultimately increase the volume of attracted investments and ensure the implementation of large investment projects, which are a good example of the successful implementation of state policy on the rational use of the richest raw material base and industrial capacities, ensuring sustainable economic growth, and organizing production with high added value, enhance export potential.

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