The article considers the main trends of youth employment in the labor market in modern realities. As a result of the study, a statistic alanalysis of economic and social indicators for young people in Ukraine and the relationship with world indicators was conducted. The main recommendations for an effective national policy on this issue were also made. The most important factors influencing youth employment are the state, education and labor market conditions. It is the balance of these factors that will solve the problem of youth employment. Among the main causes of youth unemployment are the following: the growth in the total number of unemployed; the bankruptcy of a significant part of public and private enterprises; the focus of industrial enterprises on self-preservation and survival, rather than the development and expansion of production; the lack of young people with sufficient experience, in connection with which they are finally hired in the presence of vacancies, and the first to reduce when production is reduced; insufficient development of career guidance work with young people in the senior classes of the school; the increase in the structure of labor supply of the share of persons who do not have professions (foreign citizens) and decrease in the prestige of working professions; weak interest of employers in advanced training and retraining of working professionals. The ways of effectively solving this issue are: reforming the education system, encouraging young people to find employment at the educational stage, and providing benefits to enterprises that employ young people. Attention should also be paid to student internships. The other possible way to overcome the problem is studying the experience of other countries. The problem of youth employment is becoming a challenge for the economies of many countries. It is common not only in Eastern Europe, but also in many developing countries. Young people are a vulnerable category of the workforce due to a large set of factors, including: incorrectly chosen specialty, lack of work experience, inflated demands of young people for the future workplace. If you do not pay enough attention to this problem, it can cause many negative consequences. It should be noted that the UN Sustainable Development Goals include the promotion of progressive, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, including young people.

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