The purpose of the article is to reveal the main milestones of the life and creative path of the talented scientist O.A. Yanata, to summarize his most important scientific achievements in the field of agricultural science, organization of sectoral research work and higher professional education in Ukraine. Methods. General scientific — analysis, synthesis, typology; historical — problem-chronological, comparative- historical, retrospective, biographical. The results. It is proved that O.A. Yanata is one of the founders of the Agricultural Scientist (Scientific) Committee of Ukraine, which was transformed into the Scientific and Advisory Council at the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. He contributed to the establishment of the Seed Control Research Station of the Kharkiv Agricultural Society, the Ukrainian Institute of Seed Science, and the Ukrainian Institute of Applied Botany. He made efforts to organize the scientific and educational process, heading the Department of Botany of the Kyiv State Ukrainian University and Agricultural Botany of the Kyiv Agricultural Institute, as well as the Research Department of Applied Botany of the NKO of the Ukrainian SSR at the Kharkiv Agricultural Institute named after H. Rakovsky. Conclusions. O.A. Yanata played an important role in the development of the scientific foundations of the control and seed business in Ukraine, as well as onion growing, seed production, entomology, herbology, botanical terminology and nomenclature, protected business. O.A. Yanata is the founder of the agro-ecological direction in botany and ecology. The researcher raised agro-ecological problems of weed control in agro-ecosystems, initiated systematic botanical and geographical research in Ukraine, and scientifically substantiated the natural zoning of agriculture. It is proven that the scientist contributed to the popularization of the achievements of domestic agrarian science, as the initiator of the foundation, the editor-in-chief of well-known printed bodies, in particular, the journal «News of the Natural Section of the National University of Science and Technology», «Ukrainian Botanical Journal» and «Herald of Agricultural Science».

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