India's largest state Rajasthan is known for its variable population groups including castes, communities and tribes. In the present article, Y-STR polymorphisms of hundred unrelated healthy male volunteers from the Brahmin population of Rajasthan, India were investigated using the Powerplex® Y-23 PCR amplification kit. Total 94 distinct haplotypes were obtained out of them 93 were singletons. Haplotype Diversity (HD) and Discrimination Capacity (DC) for the population were 0.644 and 0.9894 respectively. The Intra-population relationship between the present population data and other reported Indian populations was examined through Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) Plot, which shows the Brahmin population of Rajasthan lies in a cluster with the Brahmin populations of Haryana and Maharashtra. Data generated with 23 Y-STR markers is submitted on Y chromosome haplotype reference database (YHRD) (yhrd.org) and it will robust the forensic database of the Rajasthan population of India.

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