The liquid mixtures are used as a solvent in most of the natural systems and chemical processes. Therefore, the physicochemical properties of liquid mixtures at different compositions and at different temperatures have a significant role in the optimization of chemical processes. In the present report, the dynamic viscosity (η) of 1,2-DAP (1,2-Diaminopropane) (1) with AAc (alkyl acetates) (C1-C4) (2) were measured at different temperatures (T = 298.15 to 318.15 K) at pressure 0.1 MPa. Deviation in dynamic viscosity, Δη, and excess Gibbs free energy of activation, G∗E, for these binary mixtures were calculated from measured dynamic viscosity data and fitted to Redlich-Kister polynomial equation (R.K.). Δη data were examined in terms of the Bloomfield and Dewan (BFD) model and Graph theoretical approach (GTA) to study the intermolecular interactions in binary mixtures. Further, different correlation like Hind-McLaughlin-Ubbelohde, Bingham, Arrhenius, Kendall, Heric-Brewer, Kendall-Monroe, Tamura-Kurata, Lulian, Grunberg-Nissan, Krishnan-Laddha Frenkel, Katti-Chaudhari, Heric and McAllister were used to correlate η values.

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