The identification and analysis of quantum state-specific effects can significantly deepen our understanding of detailed photodissociation dynamics. Here, we report an experimental investigation on the vibrational state-mediated photodissociation of the OCS+ cation via the A2Π1/2 (ν1 0 ν3) states by using the velocity map ion imaging technique over the photolysis wavelength range of 263-294nm. It was found that the electronically excited S+ product channel S+(2Du) + CO (X1Σ+) was significantly enhanced when the ν1 and ν3 vibrational modes were excited. Clear deviations in the branching ratios of the electronically excited S+ channel were observed when the vibrational modes ν1 and ν3 were selectively excited. The results reveal that vibrationally excited states play a vital role in influencing the nonadiabatic couplings in the photodissociation process.

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