ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security | VOL. 25

Valued Authorization Policy Existence Problem: Theory and Experiments

Publication Date Nov 30, 2022


Recent work has shown that many problems of satisfiability and resiliency in workflows may be viewed as special cases of the authorization policy existence problem (APEP), which returns an authorization policy if one exists and “No” otherwise. However, in many practical settings it would be more useful to obtain a “least bad” policy than just a “No,” where “least bad” is characterized by some numerical value indicating the extent to which the policy violates the base authorization relation and constraints. Accordingly, we introduce the Valued APEP, which returns an authorization policy of minimum weight, where the (non-negative) weight is determined by the constraints violated by the returned solution. We then establish a number of results concerning the parameterized complexity of Valued APEP. We prove that the problem is fixed-parameter tractable (FPT) if the set of constraints satisfies two restrictions, but is intractable if only one of these restrictions holds. (Most constraints known to be of practical use satisfy both restrictions.) Our analysis is based on the novel concept of a user profile. We also introduce a new type of resiliency problem in the context of workflow satisfiability, show how it can be addressed using Valued APEP, and use this to build a set of benchmark instances for Valued APEP. We describe two different formulations of this problem using mixed integer programming and report the results of computational experiments which solve the problem using these formulations as ...


Authorization Policy Fixed-parameter Tractable Problems Of Satisfiability Mixed Integer Programming User Profile Practical Settings Authorization Constraints Practical Use Set Of Instances Non-negative Weight

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