Abstract An epoxy acrylate resin was synthesized and the resin was used along with different multifunctional acrylate monomers, i.e. trimethylol propane triacrylate (TMPTA), tripropylene glycol diacrylate (TPGDA), 1,6-hexanedioldiacrylate (HDDA). The effect of the chemical structure of the monomers on some of the physical–mechanical properties of the resins and their cured films, such as viscosity, Tg, hardness and scratch resistance was studied. To minimize the number of experiments, mixture method was used as an appropriate tool for experimental design. The results showed that the viscosity of the prepared formulations decreased by increasing HDDA and TPGDA monomers. Almost all of the formulation components, i.e. resin, TMPTA, TPGDA and HDDA, had a significant effect on the mar resistance of the cured films. At high concentration of both TMPTA and TPGDA, the cured films had the highest resistance against plastic deformation and therefore, the highest mar resistance. The Tg and indentation hardness of the cured resins increased by increasing TMPTA.

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