Acta Mycologica | VOL. 55

Updated Distribution of Endangered Psathyrella ammophila in Poland – New Localities on Wolin Island

Publication Date Mar 1, 2021


<em>Psathyrella ammophila </em>is a psammophilous fungus most frequently inhabiting seashore beaches, sand dunes and sandy inland areas. Although it is a widely spread species, in some countries it is rare or threatened, including Poland, where it is classified as “endangered” (E). In Poland, <em>P. ammophila </em>has been found in 26 localities, including 14 new reports after 1970. We present two new Polish localities from white sand dunes at the western shore of the Baltic Sea (Wolin Island). Moreover, ecological information and macroscopic and microscopic features of the basidiocarp based on collected samples are presented. The problem of the disappearance of dunes as a primary habitat of <em>P. ammophila </em>is also discussed.


Wolin Island Sand Dunes Ecological Information Baltic Sea Seashore Sand White Dunes Sandy Inland White Sand Western Shore Primary Habitat

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