Maternal anaphylaxis is rare albeit life-threatening critical incident dreaded by many due to negative effects on not only the mother but the foetus as well. Antibiotics and anaesthetic agents still contribute to majority of the episodes. Consequences of anaphylaxis such as placental insufficiency and subsequent foetal neurocognitive deficits are devastating outcomes. Acute respiratory distress syndrome following anaphylaxis is even rarer among the normal population. The management of maternal anaphylaxis does not differ from routine recommendations even though close monitoring and preparedness for early delivery should be embedded in the protocols. This is a rare case report of a primi mother who developed anaphylactic shock following intravenous penicillin in the background of negative allergic history, resultant foetal distress requiring emergency lower segment caesarian section and delayed onset acute respiratory distress syndrome which was later attributed to anaphylaxis. Pertinent identification and management which included a multidisciplinary team culminated in favourable outcomes.

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