In the present scholarly paper, the author presents an overview of the current status of the rights of minorities in Europe. The analysis includes the historic perspective regarding human rights in general and the emergence of the concept of minority rights, as well as the mechanisms put in place at the European level for the protection of these rights. The main promoters of ethnic minority policies are the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Council of Europe. The importance given to the subject of minority rights is highlighted through the very existence of the High Commissioner on National Minorities whose purpose is to identify and seek early resolution of ethnic tensions that might endanger peace, stability or friendly relations between OSCE participating States or within the OSCE region. In the last part, the author analyzes a specific European country – Romania, in terms of its efforts to protect the rights of minorities and the measures that should be implemented to continue to enhance protection of these rights, as suggested by the latest report of the High Commissioner on National Minorities from 2019.

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