The greatest shortages in the nursing discipline are expected in nursing homes. Although job satisfaction is an important factor in the retention of Bachelor's-level nurses (BNs), little is known about the relationship between the BN roles that are performed on a daily basis and job satisfaction. A cross-sectional, descriptive, questionnaire study was conducted which was based on a convenience sample. The extent of performing seven BN roles was assessed by a self-developed questionnaire. Satisfaction was investigated at three levels: satisfaction with the BN role performance, satisfaction with the work packet (the combination of all roles performed) and satisfaction with job function (all things considered). Respondents (N = 78) were satisfied with the performance of all BN roles (range 3.71-4.42), generally satisfied with the work packet (M = 3.96; SD = 0.96) and neutral about the job function (M = 3.15; SD = 1.12). Not one single BN role correlated with job satisfaction, and the work packet (as a combination of all roles) was significantly related to job satisfaction (r = 0.551; p = 0.000). Four BN roles correlated significantly with satisfaction with the work packet, of which one was meaningful, the role of reflective Evidence-Based Practice professional (r = 0.476; p = 0.000), and three roles related less strongly: the roles of Organiser (r = 0.364; p = 0.001), Communicator (r = 0.224; p = 0.049), and Professional and Quality Enhancer (r = 0.261; p = 0.021). It is important for nurses to create interesting packets of BN roles for themselves. For nurses and care managers, it is essential to create interesting BN descriptions, with highly recognisable BN roles in the work packet, and to stimulate a work environment in order to enhance job satisfaction.

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