The research object is aimed to the small power distribution underground system with 22.8 kV voltage level which consists of two feeders connected by a tie switch. According to the switches of the feeder adjacent to the formation of the segment is divided into the feeder section and each section has its own complex power with the load characteristics of the varying. Therefore, base on the changing of the complex power of the feeder outlet and the complex power of the segment load of the feeder to derive the all of power factor and the maximum power factor of each section of the feeder maximum power factor of each segments of the feeder line are deduced to find the compensation point of the best power factor. In order to improve the feeder output and feeder segments of the power factor. Due to the feeder segment by each adjacent two switch to investigate the load concentration, complex power, load changing trend for 24 h a day and the fuzzy theory derive the best in each segment of the feeder reactive power compensation point and compensation quantity. Based on result by the three-phase load flow program to reach the relative error of the power factor deduced from the fuzzy theory is discussed. The average relative error of the three-phase load current is 1.94%, but the three-phase load power consumption is large and the calculation time more than the fuzzy theory of reactive power compensation has a superior effect.

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