PART ONE: PROFESSIONALIZATION Building for the Next Century - Geraldene Felton Nursing's Bias as its Glory Nightingale II - JoEllen Koerner Nursing in the New Millennium A New Approach to the Regulation of Nursing Practice - Carolyn J Yocom and Katherine A Thomas Mutual Recognition Continued Competence of the Nurse - Charlie Jones-Dickson New Attention on an Old Problem Professional Nursing - Beverly Kopala Issues and Ethics Ethics in International Nursing - Anne J Davis Issues an Questions Legal Perspectives in Nursing Education - Lois A Lane and Craig Paterson Federal Health Policy - Janet Heinrich and Mary Wakefield Issues for the Nursing Profession in the 21st Century Professional Associations for the Millennium - Patricia E Thompson and Ramon Lavandero Surviving or Thriving? Future of Medicare - Peter I Buerhaus Implications for Nursing Practice, Education, and Research The Future Registered Nurse Workforce in Health Care Delivery - Cheryl B Jones Economic Considerations PART TWO: NURSING EDUCATION From Revolution to Transformation - Barbara C Gaines Curriculum Development in a New Millennium Program Evaluation in Nursing Education - Shirley L Dooling and Barbara C Gaines Distributive Learning Strategies - Rosalee C Yeaworth et al Improving Educational Access in Nursing Teaching and Learning in On-Line Communities of Professional Practice in Nursing - Diane M Billings Strategies to Successfully Educate Nursing Students in the 21st Century - Amy H Nichols and Andrea Renwanz-Boyle Preparing Tomorrow's Nursing Leaders - Mary L Fisher Changing the Paradigm Interdisciplinary Education for Nursing - Joyce J Fitzpatrick Global Perspectives on Graduate Nursing Education - Shaka Ketefian and Richard W Redman Opportunities and Challenges Doctoral Nursing Education - Elizabeth R Lenz and Sally Brosz Hardin Approaches to Achieving Quality When Resources are Limited Transitions - Anastasia Fisher and Barbara Habermann From Doctoral Preparation to Academic Career Tenure - Juanita W Fleming A Continuing Issue for Academic Nursing PART THREE: NURSING THEORY Directions for Theory Development in Nursing - for an Increased Coherence in the New Century - Hesook Suzie Kim Toward a Theory of Nursing Art - Peggy L Chinn Postmodern Nursing and Beyond - Jean M Watson Utilization of Nursing Knowledge and the Future of the Discipline - Jaqueline Fawcett and Mary G Bourbonniere The Neuman Systems Model - Betty M Neuman A Futuristic Care Perspective An Assessment of Nursing Theories as Guides to Scientific Inquiry - Eleanor Donnelly PART FOUR: NURSING RESEARCH Interdisciplinary Efforts, Progress and Promise - Alda M Lindsey Cancer Nursing Research Emerging Research Issues in Mobility - Christine E Kasper Nursing Language and Knowledge Development - Dorothy A Jones Harvesting Knowledge - Ida M Androwich and Sheila A Haas Conducting and Integrated, Systematic Literature Review Instrumentation Concerns for Multicultural Research - Robin Dawn Froman and Steven V Owen Evidence for Theory Based Interventions - Carol Deets and Euioo Choi Research Utilization and Evidence Based Practice - Marita G Titler Research Preparation in the 21st Century - Kenneth P Miller PART FIVE: NURSING PRACTICE Cultural Competence in a Changing Health Care Environment - Larry Purnell Informatics for Nursing Practice - Kathleen R Stevens and Elizabeth E Weiner The Critical Importance of Faculty Practice - Michael A Carter Partnerships for the New Millennium - Maureen P McCausland and Kathleen M McCauley Developing Clinical Decision-making in a Practice Profession Nursing Practice Reimbursement Issues in the 21st Century - Karen R Robinson et al Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing - Mikel L Gray Preparation and Scope of Practice Healing Practices in Nursing - Mariah Snyder et al Community Health Services - Judith W Alexander Now and in the Future Building and Sustaining Community Partnerships - Linda Hollinger-Smith Models for Nursing Practice Palliative Care - Inge B Corless It's Not Just for the Terminally Ill Impact of Home Health Care on Clinical Practice and Education - Mary Ann Schroeder and Carol O Long Health Care Consumer Choice - Elizabeth F Sefcik and Rebecca A Patronis Jones A Primary Care Perspective Parish Nursing - Mary Ann McDermott When the Population Served is a Congregation Issues in Rural Health Care - Carol H Pullen Mobile Nursing Centers for Vulnerable Populations - Catherine M Todero Nursing Centers - Sara E Barger A Fit for the Future Nursing Entrepreneurship - Virginia Duffy Potential, Plausibility, and Prospects Genetics - Jean F Jenkins New Directions for Nursing and Health Care PART SIX: NURSING ADMINISTRATION - SERVICE Into the Millennium - Timothy P Porter-O'Grady New Structures for Nursing Systems Organizing Nursing in an Integrated Delivery System (IDS) - SueEllen Pinkerton Case Management - Rose M Gerber Tomorrow's Vision Managed Care Health Organizations - Margaret M Conger Implications for Nursing Incorporating Interventions for Social and Environmental Risk Factors Into Nursing Services - Jacqueline A Dienemann et al Climbing Out of the Crab Bucket - Sandra P Thomas Strategies for Resolving Conflict Among Nurses Creating Healthy Work Environments for Nursing Practice - Joanne M Disch Nurse Executive Practice for the New Millennium - Margaret L McClure PART SEVEN: NURSING ADMINISTRATION - ACADEMIC The Changing Role of Faculty and Dean - Carol A Lindeman The Impact of a Market-Driven Higher Education System Academic Health Science Centers- Dinosaurs of Models for the Millennium - Sharon E Hoffman Schools of Nursing in Private and Public Sectors - Sarah B Keating and Shannon E Perry Challenges and Opportunities The Associate Dean - Marilyn Flood The Protean Role Academic Roles and Faculty Development - Diana L Biordi and Elizabeth A McFarlane Avoiding the Fatal By-Pass Operation in Facilitating Accountability - Norma L Chaska Dynamics of Discernment in Administrative Team Development - Andrea R Lindell PART EIGHT: THE FUTURE OF NURSING Healing Into the Future - Daniel J Pesut Re-Creating the Profession of Nursing Through Inner Work The Future of Nursing Education - Donna L Boland Helping to Determine if Nursing is to Be or Not to Be From Fragmentation to Integration - Afaf I Melesis and Eun-Ok Im Situation Specific Theories Nursing Research into the 21st Century - Patricia A Grady Challenges and Opportunities Toward a Philosophy of Healing Practices - Phyllis Beck Kritek Nursing in the New World of Health Care - Karleen M Kerfoot A Vision or Illusion Looking to the Future of Academic Administrative Leadership - Joa L F Shaver View From Another Planet - Grayce M Sills and Carole A Anderson Paths to Make a Difference - Norma L Chaska

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