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The Impact of the Development of Modern Biotechnology and Nanotechnology on the Swimming Sports Industry

Publication Date Aug 29, 2022


In today’s world, science and technology are developing rapidly, which has had a broad and profound impact on human society. After entering the twenty-first century, every ordinary person can feel the profound changes brought by modern science and technology to people’s daily life. In today’s society, the global economy is developing faster and faster, and the demand for sports is also increasing, bringing more and more consumers, which makes the sports industry an emerging industry with unlimited potential and expanding scale in the industrial economy. As one of the important events of modern competitive sports, swimming provides many opportunities and platforms for the development of Chinese competitive sports. Today, swimming is not only an Olympic sport but also a popular sport. Modern biotechnology and nanotechnology have an impact on all of our lives, but like other advanced technologies, their development inevitably involves uncertainty. This article focuses on the integration of nanotechnology and biotechnology to produce nanobiotechnology, the use of nanotechnology to address swimmers’ bodily functions, and the impact of its development on the field of swimming. The results found that compared with the normal group, the experimental group had an increase in the indexes of rest-fatigue-recovery stages, and the MPF value at rest increased significantly, from 90.1 to 111.3. As a popular sport among the people, swimming has also shown significant growth in the development of its social organization.


Popular Sport Field Of Swimming Demand For Sports Bodily Functions Ordinary Person Olympic Sport Unlimited Potential Sports Industry Modern Biotechnology Competitive Sports

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