This contribution includes five interviews with the successive and current HCNMs, namely Rolf Ekéus, Knut Vollebaek, Astrid Thors, Lamberto Zannier, and Kairat Abdrakhmanov.
 These interviews were conducted by Stéphanie Cramer Marsal, Independent Consultant, through online platforms or by telephone between February and April 2023. The interview with the present High Commissioner was done in writing.
 These interviews are based on a set of questions exploring the triangular relations between the person/background, the mandate, and conflict prevention practice. They have undergone minimal editing so as to provide the reader with the HCNMs’ personal reflections and experience in their own words. These reflections have fed into the analysis presented in this volume under the title: “The High Commissioner on National Minorities: Persona and Quiet Diplomacy” by Stephanie Cramer Marsal.

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