RC beams in a marine environment suffer deteriorations caused by the corrosion of reinforcement. Many researches have investigated this problem, yet few repairs techniques have been developed until now. The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of these deteriorations on the flexural behavior of RC beams. Also investigate rehabilitation of corrosion-damaged RC beams with different repair techniques. The flexural performances of the beams were studied. In this study, flexural test have been carried out to study the influence of reinforcing bar corrosion and cracking on ultimate strength of reinforced concrete beams, bearing capacity and ductility. There were totally 5 RC beams (300 mm × 150 mm × 2200 mm) constructed in this research, 4 of which were corroded by marine environment. The flexural behavior of these beams are studied at one level of corrosion of reinforcement bar. However, with progressive increase in corrosion, the ultimate strength, stiffness and toughness decrease rapidly for RC Beams subjected to flexural loading. The results show that the repair methods could provide better load carrying capacity for the beams with different techniques.

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