Frontiers in Pharmacology | VOL. 13

The effects of mango leaf extract during adolescence and adulthood in a rat model of schizophrenia

Publication Date Jul 26, 2022


There is evidence that in schizophrenia, imbalances in inflammatory and oxidative processes occur during pregnancy and in the early postnatal period, generating interest in the potential therapeutic efficacy of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. Mangiferin is a polyphenolic compound abundant in the leaves of Mangifera indica L. that has robust antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a potential candidate for preventive or co-adjuvant therapy in schizophrenia. Hence, this study set-out to evaluate the effect of mango leaf extract (MLE) in a model of schizophrenia based on maternal immune activation, in which Poly I:C (4 mg/kg) is administered intravenously to pregnant rats. Young adult (postnatal day 60–70) or adolescent (postnatal day 35–49) male offspring received MLE (50 mg/kg of mangiferin) daily, and the effects of MLE in adolescence were compared to those of risperidone, assessing behavior, brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and oxidative/inflammatory and antioxidant mediators in the adult offspring. MLE treatment in adulthood reversed the deficit in prepulse inhibition (PPI) but it failed to attenuate the sensitivity to amphetamine and the deficit in novel object recognition (NOR) induced. By contrast, adolescent MLE treatment prevented the sensorimotor gating deficit in the PPI test, producing an effect similar to that of risperidone. This MLE treatment also produced a reduction in grooming behavior, but it had no effect on anxiety or novel object recognition memory. MRI studies revealed...


Mango Leaf Extract Adult Offspring Novel Object Recognition Deficit In Novel Object Recognition Rat Model Of Schizophrenia Deficit In Prepulse Inhibition Maternal Immune Activation Treatment In Adulthood Prepulse Inhibition Test Accumulation Of NRF2

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