The Developing EconomiesVolume 32, Issue 2 p. 167-187 Free Access THE ABSORPTION OF LABOR IN INDONESIAN AGRICULTURE Dale SQUIRES, Dale SQUIRESSearch for more papers by this authorSteven TABOR, Steven TABORSearch for more papers by this author Dale SQUIRES, Dale SQUIRESSearch for more papers by this authorSteven TABOR, Steven TABORSearch for more papers by this author First published: June 1994 https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1746-1049.1994.tb00047.xCitations: 2 Senior authorship is not assigned. We are grateful to Jim Kirkley and anonymous referees for suggestions, but the authors remain responsible for any remaining errors. This work was completed during Squires's tenure as a visiting scholar at the Department of Economics, University of Queensland. 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