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Technology for Obtaining Dosage Forms (Tinctures, Extracts) from Local Plant Raw Materials and studying their Toxicity

Publication Date Aug 30, 2022


This paper provides information on the technology of manufacturing dosage forms from local plant materials. According to the developed technique, alcohol, water extracts and tincture from the collection of medicinal plants were prepared. Studies have revealed that in order to obtain a larger amount of concentrated extract, it is better to use distilled water as an extractant for plantain leaves, foalfoot and oregano herbs, and 70% ethyl alcohol for licorice root and horsetail herb. The results obtained indicate that extracts of medicinal plants have a pronounced antibacterial effect against pathogenic pathogens St. aureus, St. pyogenes, E. coli. The acute toxicity and cumulative properties of the extracts were determined. It was found that the prepared extracts from the collection of medicinal plants did not have a pronounced toxic effect on the body of white mice and rats, as evidenced by the absence of obvious negative effects on the clinical and morphological parameters of blood. The results of measuring the absolute mass of the body and internal organs showed that under the influence of the extracts, their growth was stimulated, which indicated the absence of a harmful organotropic effect. It was revealed that phytopreparations do not potentiate the effect of histamine, as evidenced by their lack of allergenic properties. Biochemical studies of blood serum in rats receiving phytopreparations revealed shifts in the quantitative content of protein, glucose, urea, and aminotransferase activity, and these parameters were wit...


Collection Of Medicinal Plants Morphological Parameters Of Blood Blood Serum In Rats Local Plant Materials Pronounced Antibacterial Effect Extracts Of Medicinal Plants Oregano Herbs Collection Of Plants Physiological Norm Serum In Rats

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