Frequency stability analysis of large power systems are extremely time consuming, laborious and may even exceed the computational capacity of modern computers. Hence, simplified power system models have being developed in the literature. These models are usually called System Frequency Response (SFR). In SFR models, generators are represented by transfer functions, nonlinearities are generally neglected and the grid is not taken into account. Conventional SFR models only contemplate the mechanical behavior of speed governors, turbines and synchronous machines of generators. This is because, a common simplification is to consider that frequency and voltage can be controlled independently. However, it is demonstrated that there is an interaction between them, so frequency can be affected by the effect of power system stabilizers (PSSs) over excitation system controllers. In this work, a modified SFR model is proposed, considering the influence of generators excitation control on frequency. Simulation results show an improvement of the accuracy in the estimation of frequency response of the power system.

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