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Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Malaysian Companies

Publication Date Jun 16, 2022


Sustainable entrepreneurship is considered to be combined with economic, social, and environmental value creation, and is considered a combination of social enterprise and environmental enterprise. When creating sustainable entrepreneurs in the community, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are significant substances that can't be overlooked. This is because they have made significant commitments to the economic advancement of a nation. The SMEs in Malaysia are without exception. When creating sustainable entrepreneurs in Malaysia, SMEs are significant elements that can't be disregarded. However, due to the lack of research, the existing literature has not yet provided sufficient explanation in the establishment of sustainable entrepreneurship in Malaysian SMEs. This research included an introduction that gives an overview of the research, continued by the review of existing literature that correlates to the research topic followed by the methodology adopted for this research. Specifically, this research extends the Entrepreneurial Event Model, Social Identity Theory, and Social Capital Theory to test the proposed framework. To test the research framework and achieve the research objectives, the survey questionnaire was used to distribute the primary data to 400 respondents (entrepreneurs from Malaysian SMEs). The research used Analysis of Moment Structure (AMOS) and Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS) to encode and analyse the main data collected in this study. Furthermore, the research also provides referenc...

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Small And Medium-sized Enterprises
Malaysian Small And Medium-sized Enterprises
Analysis Of Moment Structure
Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Environmental Value Creation
Statistical Package Of Social Science
Entrepreneurs In Malaysia
Medium-Sized Enterprises
Psychological Capital
Social Identity Theory

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