Multifunctional landscapes and sustainable development.- The concept of multifunctionality in sustainable land development.- Sustainable development of European landscapes as a multidimensional environmental and societal issue.- Multifunctionality of landscapes and ecosystem services with respect to rural development.- Some aspects of multifunctional landscape character in the interdisciplinary environmental study.- Indicators of agricultural sustainability - the moral of a story.- The unconscious driving forces of landscape perception and formation.- Landscape characterisation and assessment.- A European landscape stratification reflecting drainage density.- Integration of spatio-temporal landscape analysis in model approaches.- Integrated land use zonation system in Hungary as a territorial base for agri-environmental programs.- The structure of landscapes in Poland as a function of agricultural land quality.- Pressure, state and response indicators in landscape assessment: An attempt on nitrogen fluxes.- Analyzing spatial habitat distribution to improve the assessment of land use impacts on habitat functions.- Sustainable land management and development.- Landscape functions in relation to agricultural management in Norway.- A review of sustainable landscape management in the UK.- Land management in Poland in a period of transformation.- Studies on agricultural landscape management in the Western Poland plain.- Managing interactions between agriculture, nature and economy.- Sustainable management of wood and timber fluxes in the region Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Germany.- Resume.- Landscape Tomorrow: a research network for sustainable development of multifunctional landscapes.- List of authors.- Key word index.

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