Previous articleNext article No AccessStructural Change in the Impact of Income on Food Consumption in China, 1989–1993Xuguang Guo, Thomas A. Mroz, Barry M. Popkin, and Fengying ZhaiXuguang GuoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Search for more articles by this author , Thomas A. MrozUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Search for more articles by this author , Barry M. PopkinUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Search for more articles by this author , and Fengying ZhaiChinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Beijing Search for more articles by this author University of North Carolina at Chapel HillChinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, BeijingPDFPDF PLUS Add to favoritesDownload CitationTrack CitationsPermissionsReprints Share onFacebookTwitterLinkedInRedditEmail SectionsMoreDetailsFiguresReferencesCited by Economic Development and Cultural Change Volume 48, Number 4July 2000 Article DOIhttps://doi.org/10.1086/452475 Views: 257Total views on this site Citations: 113Citations are reported from Crossref © 2000 by The University of Chicago. 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