Gelatin, a denatured form of collagen, is an attractive biomaterial for biotechnology. In particular, gelatin particles have been noted due to their attractive properties as drug carriers. The drug release from gelatin particles can be easily controlled by the crosslinking degree of gelatin molecule, responding to the purpose of the research. The gelatin particles capable of drug release are effective in wound healing, drug screening models. For example, a sustained release of growth factors for tissue regeneration at the injured sites can heal a wound. In the case of the drug screening model, a tissue-like model composed of cells with high activity by the sustained release of drug or growth factor provides reliable results of drug effects. Gelatin particles are effective in drug delivery and the culture of spheroids or cell sheets because the particles prevent hypoxia-derived cell death. This review introduces recent research on gelatin microparticles-based strategies for regenerative therapy and drug screening models.


  • This paper is a short review of recent research on gelatin microparticles-based biotechnology strategies for regenerative therapy and drug screening

  • The survival rate of stacked cell sheets was improved by incorporating gelatin microparticles between each cell sheet

  • Gelatin microparticles containing PRP promoted the formation of capillaries and microvascular networks

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Chitosan [1,2], alginate [3,4], hyaluronic acid [5,6], collagen [7,8], gelatin [9,10], polylactic acid [11], polyglycolic acid [12,13], poly (lacticco-glycolic acid) [14,15,16], or polyethylene glycol [17,18] are well known. Gelatin is often used for medical [19,20] or cosmetics [21] because gelatin is water-soluble [22], low inflammatory [23], and promotes high cell adhesion [24]. Gelatin formulation, such as a scaffold, has been investigated for cell transplantation [25,26,27].

Protocol for the Preparation of Gelatin Microparticles
Crosslinking Methods
Crosslinking Method
Gelatin-Based Drug Delivery Systems
Applications of Gelatin Microparticles
Main Results
Drug Research Model
Future Perspective and Conclusions

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