2019 9th International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies (RAST)

Stability of Closed Space Biosystems for Algea Ecology

Publication Date Jun 1, 2019


The paper describes the sustainable functioning of the closed self-regulating biological system based on macrophytes Fucus vesiculosus, Fucus inflatus, Laminaria saccharina and Chlorella vulgaris. The authors describe the methods and equipment for monitoring the composition and control of biological experiments with such a system, which is offered to spend on board the International Space Station (ISS). The option of the experiment on board the small satellite is considered also. The main task of automatically controlled experiment is to ensure the long-term functioning of the isolated biological system under the conditions of weightlessness. Based on the analysis of the interaction structure of the main components of biological systems under study, a mathematical model of a closed biological system was developed on the basis of aquatic organisms and holds its computer simulation, with which the conditions for the forecast can be carried out and state control investigated the conditions of maintaining the stable life. The automated control system of a biological system, providing its stable operation, is considered. The main indicator of the functioning of biological systems encouraged to use the amount of oxygen in the air section and dissolved in water. As a biological control system parameters used by the lighting level and temperature of the water environment. In the experiment on autonomous vehicle (microsatellite)it was proposed to manage the dampers in the heat-insulating sheath. The dependencies for defining the thre...

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Biological System
Threshold Oxygen Concentration
Conditions Of Weightlessness
Laminaria Saccharina
International Space Station
Amount Of Oxygen
Chlorella Vulgaris
Small Satellite
Lighting Level
Autonomous Vehicle

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