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Ship RBF neural network sliding mode PID heading control

Publication Date Jan 1, 2022


In view of the inherent non-linearity, complexity, susceptibility to external wind, wave, and current interference of under-driven ships, and the difficulty of adjusting and adjusting control parameters, to improve the performance of ship’s autopilot, a kind of RBF neural network sliding mode variable structure PID controller is designed. Traditional PID control is sensitive to parameter changes, online tuning is difficult, and easy to overshoot. In order to solve this problem, combining the variable structure characteristics of PID, a differential compensation term is added to the integral term to convert the PID control parameters into three parameters with more obvious physical meanings, and then combined with the RBF neural network learning and identification function to realize online tuning and adaptive control of ship control parameters. Using MATLAB software to simulate the container ship “MV KOTA SEGAR” MMG model shows that the designed RBF neural network sliding mode PID controller can effectively eliminate the ship’s lateral deviation caused by external interference such as wind, waves, currents, etc., with high control accuracy,robustness and strong adaptability.


External Interference PID Control Adjusting Control Parameters High Control Accuracy Traditional PID Control RBF Neural Network Control Parameters Online Tuning Lateral Deviation Strong Adaptability

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