Journal of Animal Ecology | VOL. 91

Sex‐specific flower resource use in hummingbird communities

Publication Date Nov 1, 2022


Research Highlight: Maglianesi, M. A., Maruyama, P. K., Temeles, E. J., Schleuning, M., Zanata, T. B., Sazima, M., Gutiérrez-Zamora, A., Marín-Gómez, O. H., Rosero-Lasprilla, L., Ramírez-Burbano, M. B., Ruffini, A. E., Salamanca-Reyes, J. R., Sazima, I., Nuñez-Rosas, L. E., Arizmendi, M. C., Rahbek, C., & Dalsgaard, B. (2022). Behavioural and morphological traits influence sex-specific floral resource use by hummingbirds across the Americas. Journal of Animal Ecology, 00: 00-00. In their paper on intersexual differences in niche breadth and niche overlap in floral resource use in hummingbird communities, Maglianesi et al. compiled data of plant-hummingbird interactions based on pollen loads, and territoriality and morphological traits for 31 hummingbird species, and investigated whether patterns of resource use by females and males were related to sexual dimorphism and foraging behaviour. While accounting for evolutionary relatedness among species, the authors found a high level of resource partitioning between sexes (broader and more dissimilar floral niche breadth in females) and the sex-specific resource use by hummingbird species was related to territoriality and morphological traits; niche overlap between sexes was greater for territorial than non-territorial species, and lower for species with greater sexual dimorphism in bill curvature. This paper addresses two very timely issues, on the one hand on resource partitioning by sex to reduce intersexual competition in hummingbi...


Hummingbird Communities Floral Resource Use Differences In Niche Breadth Resource Use Niche Overlap Patterns Of Resource Use Greater Sexual Dimorphism Sex-specific Resource Non-territorial Species Morphological Traits

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