in recent years, as college enrollment expands, the quality of college students is uneven. Meanwhile, the class size is also on the rise, this leading to the increase in the difficulty of class management. Thus, this paper proposes in class management of college students, it is required to enhance entrance education and initial management of college students, pay high attention to cultivation of excellent class atmosphere, spare no effort to highlight self-control function of college class, strengthen college class system construction, improve quality of college class counselor and promote scientization and standardization of college class management. At present, we are in the new period of construction of socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics. Sharp changes occur in the society. Profound changes have happened to ideology, values and life style of college students. Diversified development trend is shown. Relative to current situation of college student education, college student management problem becomes increasingly complex. Besides, college enrollment expansion results in the rise in the number of college students, and class management difficulty becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, college student managers must deeply ponder over and explore new approaches of class management of college class. Here, the author will conduct discussions form five aspects. I. To enhance entrance education and initial management of college students Nowadays, class management idea of many colleges still lags behind and cannot adapt actual situations of new generation of college students. Current college students are generally poor in social adaptation ability and have strong dependence. Most freshmen feel they can relax well after enrolling in colleges. Meanwhile, they generate fear mentality in the face of fierce employment pressure. Thus, it is difficulty for them to adapt new environment and new form. It is very necessary to enhance entrance education and initial management of college class. Firstly, it is required to grasp entrance education well to establish self-confidence of freshmen. Previously, college graduates were popular talents, and each employer would try all means to recruit and retain college students. However, as colleges increase enrollment for continuous ten years, the number of postgraduates and doctors is increasing. The employment rate of undergraduates presents the downtrend. Many college students cannot land satisfied jobs. So, employment problem after their graduation once made numerous college students feel confused. Thus, during entrance education period of college students, it is very urgent to establish self-confidence of freshmen. Secondly, it is required to enhance initial management. As a saying goes, all things are difficult before they are easy. From the middle school to the college, most college students are at loose ends. For example, new changes happen to their living habits, learning environment and interpersonal environment. It is hard for them to adapt new problems in new environment. For instance, the change of environment gives rise to self-evaluation imbalance, while learning discomfort leads to the rise in learning pressure. The differences between ideal and reality result in disappointment and confusion, while interpersonal discomfort causes loneliness and depression. Aiming at the above situations, it is required to enhance education of college students in living accommodation when they initially enroll in universities. In addition, colleges should pay much attention to learning atmosphere and discipline education so that freshman class can develop favorable learning and living habits. This is very vital for class management and development of college students. 2014 International Conference on Economic Management and Social Science (EMSS 2014) © 2014. The authors Published by Atlantis Press 147 II. To pay much attention to cultivation of excellent class atmosphere The study atmosphere of a college will have direct impacts on personal growth of college students and then further influence college development and social atmosphere to some extent. Thus, important significance of school atmosphere cultivation can be seen. School atmosphere consists of class atmosphere of each class. School atmosphere is external environment of class atmosphere, while class atmosphere is an important constituent part of school atmosphere. The two have the relationship between the whole and part. School atmosphere will certainly affect class atmosphere formation, while class atmosphere in turn will promote changes in school atmosphere. Class atmosphere is spiritual outlook reflected through long-term arduous and meticulous education and cultivation. Thus, standards need to be established, such as respecting teachers and paying attention to teaching, seeking the truth and being practical, and advancing actively and bravely. The selection standards of class atmosphere are the same with those of school atmosphere. Of course, new standards can be specified according to general opinions of classes, but these standards should not go against standards of school atmosphere. After standards of class atmosphere are specified, it is necessary to cultivate through daily work. Firstly, it is required to attach importance to cultivation force of student leaders and facilitate them to give play to the example role. To form favorable class atmosphere, some must advocate and give play to the example role, i.e. class leaders. College students just enter colleges from senior high schools. When they become student leaders, it is hard to adapt role change in a short term. This is mainly because class activities are few in senior high schools. Besides, most activities are organized by class advisers. So, their organizing and coordinating abilities cannot be well trained and cultivated. Thus, we must attach great importance to cultivating class leaders. Students should be required to set strict demands on themselves in many aspects and set themselves examples to others. Improvement of personal prestige should be based on boosting class prestige. Student leaders should establish service awareness and submit to leadership of teachers and counselors. In addition, student leaders should better exert their subjective initiative. Secondly, it is required to cultivate active and upward correct class public opinion. To form favorable class atmosphere, a class must cultivate correct class public opinion, while class public opinion can guide and restrain concrete behaviors of each member and a powerful education force. In a bid to cultivate positive and active class public opinion, it is required to carry out education of favorable school atmosphere and class atmosphere by utilization of ideological and political study, theme class meeting and class committee, or implement detailed discussions in allusion to an event so as to specify the right and wrong, make all have uniform understanding, guide public opinion to correct direction and form the effect of rewarding the good and restraining the evil. For example, for such phenomena as scribbling and stirring up troubles, colleges can make students understand this is a disciplinary offence behavior. Such phenomena occur due to low cultural quality of a few students. New generation of college students should draw a clear distinction with such behaviors, or else they will be scorned by others. In this way, correct public opinion forms. The phenomena of violating disciplines in college campus will naturally reduce. Thirdly, it is required to strengthen class atmosphere inspection and supervision work, and grasp the degree. Excellent class atmosphere comes from persistent insistence. To deepen in insistence, regular supervision and inspection must be conducted. Contemporary college students generally have a wide range of interests and high enthusiasm, while their self-control ability and consciousness of responsibility are generally poor. Thus, ideological and political work cannot reach the effect of once and for ever. This requires enhancing inspection, supervision and guidance to make sure favorable class atmosphere can continue and develop. Meanwhile, during inspection and supervision, management tightness degree should be grasped well. Once management is too strict, requirements are too high. As time passes, college students will generate aversion mood. For instance, for the problem that a few college students are late for class occasionally, as long as they are unintentional, teachers should give full understanding and guide students in education process, rather than condemning them. Otherwise, college students may easily have rebellious mood, this

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