Today, retaining employees is difficult due to changes in information and communication technologies, increasing competition speed, and other environmental factors. Therefore, organisations’ management daily increases their interest in positive psychology to retain employees and reveal their strengths. One concept that accompanies positive psychology and positive organisational behaviour is resilience (Luthans, 2002). It is known that individuals who are more psychologically resilient can produce positive outcomes by overcoming adverse emotional events (Shirazi, Laei, & Mosavi, 2016). Career satisfaction (CS), another concept of work, appears as a concept that is likely to be affected by changes in organizational structure, mobility, and employee expectations (Kraimer, Greco, Seibert, & Sargent, 2019). However, CS is one of the most important results of the individual’s career success (Hofmans, Dries, & Pepermans, 2008). In this context, this study aims to reveal the role of management support in the relationship between CS and psychological resilience (PR). The data collected from 200 white-collar employees was evaluated using the SPSS Programme and the Hayes Process. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that MS is a moderator in the relationship between PR and CS.

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