This work focuses on the robust leader-follower synchronization navigation for the under-actuated vessels with only independent the surge control force and the yaw moment. The ocean disturbances and thruster saturation are simultaneously addressed. A virtual vessel placed at the relative distance with the moving main vessel alleviates the requirements on main vessel’s velocity measurements. The disturbance estimation performance is achieved by utilizing the disturbance observer. The additional controls produce the filtered non-achievable command control signals due to the thrust saturation effects. The filtered signals correct feedback errors for avoiding disturbance estimation and rejection compromise. The dynamic surface control technique is employed to derive the under-actuated synchronization control laws. By employing first-order filters, the differential terms are replaced by the algebraic operations such that the control is convenient to implement. It is analyzed that the supply vessel control system is semi-globally stable and the synchronization navigation along with the main vessel is ensured with the small errors. Simulations in the different disturbance cases validate the synchronization scheme.

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